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I'm a graduate of the Physical Language Workshop at the MIT Media Lab, led by John Maeda. I often work with my friend Takashi Okamoto.

My work has been featured in online and print publications including Create Digital Music, MAKE Magazine, PSFK, and FastCoDesign. It has also been shown at the Ars Electronica festival, the Ars Electronica center in Linz, Austria, and the Stanford Cool Products Expo. Additional information can be found on Twitter and github.

* Education *

* Selected Projects *

Prismatic Client
As a design exercise, I built a custom iOS client for Prismatic. Read the post.
ScriptKit - Drag and Drop Programming for iPad. Press: FastCompany (archive), PSFK (unindexed).
C4 is a creative coding framework for iOS. Press:
Pendipity was a collaborative drawing app for the iPad that brings serendipity to the drawing experience. Think "Chatroulette for Drawing".
THINK Exhibition iPhone App
Designed and built a custom QR-code reader iPhone app used for the duration of the THINK Eames x IBM Exhibition in Palo Alto, CA.
OpenPhoto was a flexible photo app for iOS, perfect for private, ad-hoc events. By allowing users to set up, and direct the app to, a custom server, their privacy can be ensured.
2011 is an iPad app that makes reading your news as easy as sifting through a stack of paper.
Feedabot is an automated webpage rendering service to enable rapid browsing of large collections of webpages. A Rails-powered webapp allowed users to easily browse their collections.
Drag and Drop
A web browser concept that explores some of the potential offered by positioning a web browser in an environment that can maintain consistent context across pages.
ZeitRaum is an interactive art installation the Ars Electronica Futurelab designed for the new terminal at Vienna International Airport. It creates real-time interpretations of arriving and departing flights. It consists of a series of stations that accompany departing passengers on their way to their gates.
2008 -2009
Combining pencil and paper-based gestural interactions to navigate historical and statistical data about the city of Linz, Austria. SimLinz is currently an interactive exhibition at the Ars Electronica center.
CVOCV (Link)
2009 - present
An opensource CoreVideo-based OpenCV experimentation environment, for both OS X and iOS.
2008 -2009
A gesture-based system for navigating large information spaces naturally, quickly, and seamlessly.
2007 - 2009
E15 was a group project in the Physical Language Workshop. It is a three-dimensional OpenGL-based web environment, focused on enabling rich visualizations based on existing web content, as well as providing novel ways to distribute, share, and interact with these visualizations.
2006 - 2008
OpenCode is a web-based programming environment that allows users to compile their programs in the cloud, and run programs written by others.
2007 - 2009
E15:oGFx is a tool for the generation and exploration of organic 3D forms originating from 2D animations.

* Professional Experience *

Director of Engineering
Jan 2013 - Jan 2024
Clari, Santa Clara, CA
My work at Clari focused on building the mobile product and leading frontend engineering teams.(Link)
Jun 2008 - present
BuzaMoto Industries, Cambridge, MA
Collaborative design studio with Takashi Okamoto, specializing in multidisciplinary intersections of visual design and technology powered by the Web. (Link)
Lead iOS Engineer
7/11 - 7/12
Storify, San Francisco, CA
Built the Storify iPad application - concept design, graphic design, user testing, and implementation. Covered on TechCrunch, Forbes, and Mashable.
Jan 2011 - Aug 2011
Independent Software Consultant, Palo Alto, CA
Software consulting for multiple Bay Area startups, ranging from compiler optimization to iOS and Web application UI design.
iOS Developer
Oct 2010 - Jan 2011
Malbec Labs, San Francisco, CA
Designed and implemented an Objective-C application foundation for allowing browser-based iOS applications to seamlessly integrate with native platform features and widgets. Features include extensive local data caching and invocation of native methods from Javascript.
Oct 2009 - Dec 2010
IDEA Team, Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, CA
Software prototyping for novel mobile UIs. Work resulted in two independent publications, accepted to CHI.
Creative Engineer
2008 - 2009
Ars Electronica Futurelab, Linz, AUSTRIA
Artist/Programmer for Futurelab-commissioned installations. (Link)
Software Architect
Jun 2008 - Nov 2008
MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
Tangible Media Group (Link)
Advisor: Hiroshi Ishii
Research Assistant
2006 -2008
MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA
Physical Language Workshop (Link)
Advisor: John Maeda
Software Engineer
2003 - 2006
Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA
Embedded Java Virtual Machine Group
Advanced feature design and implementation for both the CLDC and CDC virtual machines, which are targeted at cellular telephones and PDAs. JIT compiler optimization, performance analysis, and romization techniques.
Software Engineer
2002 - 2003
Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA
Mobile Java Beans Group
Lead platform engineer for project MobileJavaBeans, an end-to-end architecture for the configuration of device capabilities and deployment of data services on mobile devices.
Software Engineer
2000 - 2002
Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA
Java Games Group
Member of a small team focused on the design and investigation of novel Java technologies, including games, 3D browsing interfaces, and UI design tools.
Research Assistant
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
PREDATOR Database Research Group
Designed and researched OODB database capabilities of Windows CE-based mobile devices.
Advisor: Praveen Seshadri
Software Engineer
The Information Highway Group, Barcelona, SPAIN
Fully responsible for designing and implementing a mail server and client-based email management system.
Research Assistant
1997 - 1998
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Investigated the hypochromic effect in an amide-linked oligonucleotide analog of RNA. Results presented in an honors seminar for undergraduate chemistry research.

* Talks & Teaching Experience *

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Spring 2012
Visualization Consultant
Member of Jennifer Aaker's 'Designing Happiness' (MKTG355) course teaching team with a role as a visualization consultant. This course was taught in the spring quarter of 2012 in the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Link
2012 CMD Speaker Series
February 2012
Led a 15-student workshop : Apps for the 99%: Rapid prototyping for iOS - Computational Media Design department, University of Calgary. Link
2012 CMD Speaker Series
February 2012
Presented Exploring The Web Without a Browser at the 2012 Computational Media Deisgn speaker series - University of Calgary. Link
IUI '09
February 2009
Paper Presentation
Presented Code Sharing on the Web - Two Approaches at the Visual Interfaces to the Social and Semantic Web workshop (VISSW) at IUI09, Sanibel Island, FL. (Paper Link)
Hallmark, Inc.
August 2008
E15: A platform designed to create shareable, dynamic, 3D data visualizations.
Fusion Arts Workshop
July 2008
Presented E15 as part of John Caserta's workshop entitled "Serendipity in the Digital Library", at the Rhode Island School of Design. (Link)
AIGA Design Educators Conference
April 2008
Panelist: Algorithmic design session
Presented OpenCode, Sharing Code on the Web. (Link)
International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media
March 2008
Demo session
E15: A platform designed to create shareable, dynamic, 3D data visualizations. (Link)
October 2007
Grad Arts Forum
Presented previous work building video game console emulators into Max/MSP and the "aesthetic of broken" that can be created through their manipulation.
September 2007
Keynote Presentation with John Maeda
Presented E15: A platform designed to create shareable, dynamic, 3D data visualizations. (Link)
November 2006
Panel discussion
A panel discussion about new platforms for collaboration, creativity and distribution. (Link)
Teaching Assistant
MAS 110: Fundamentals of Computational Media Design
Lectured, wrote quizzes, and graded problem sets.
Prof. John Maeda (MIT, Fall 2006)
MCAT Course Instructor
2005 - 2006
Led an MCAT preparation course offered by Kaplan, Inc. Taught physics, chemistry, and writing skills to a set of Kaplan students.
Bent 2006
April 2006
Led a workshop entitled 'Virtual circuit bending: Designing bend-able Max/MSP/Jitter emulation externals'.
JavaOne Conference
May 2006
Technical session
Presented Writing optimized applications for high performance Java ME runtimes.(Link)
SunLabs Conference
May 2006
Technical session
Presented Advanced features of the CLDC virtual machine.
JavaOne Conference
June 2005
Technical session
Presented Multi-tasking VMs - More performance, less memory.(Link)

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